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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

”JEANNE D'ARC LIVING” MAGAZINE | A Danish lifestyle magazine | Interview with Belgian Woodcarver Patrick Damiaens

Patrick Damiaens, Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine
Patrick Damiaens
'Belgian Furniture Designer'

Feature in

The Danish Magazine “Jeanne d’Arc Living”

In the January 2014 edition, an editorial appeared, discussing our activities.
My activities were extensively covered in this January 2014 edition of the Danish Lifestyle Magazine “Jeanne d’Arc Living”.

Jeanne d’Arc Living” Magazine is a monthly lifestyle magazine, which has become incredibly popular over a short period of time. 

This popular Danish magazine appears in !eight different languages (Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Dutch, English and German) and since 2009, there’s also a English version of the magazine available.

The main reason why this magazine is so popular, is due to the exceptionally attractive and tasteful photography of Nordic-French country style.

“Jeanne d’Arc Living” came into existence in 2007 in the form of a collaboration between two Danish women. In 2009, “Jeanne d’Arc Living” Magazine first saw the light of day. From 2009 till 2011, the “Jeanne d’Arc Living” Magazine appeared 8 times a year. 
From 2012 on, this popular magazine about antiques and collectibles was available in stores on a monthly basis and was available for subscription as well. 

Jeanne d'Arc living Magazine

The retail price is € 9.95 and the magazine hardly contains any advertising. Apart from the magazine, the company also has books and products in “Real nostalgic country style” on offer. Nowadays, the “Jeanne d’Arc Living” Magazine also reserves many of its pages for exclusive products, recipes, flower arrangement and country lifestyle. The characteristic style of the magazine is applied consistently throughout every article. Each edition brings attractive, yet sober photographs (close-ups) and staged photography. 

The picture below is a short piece of text of this extensive coverage 
in the Finnish issue of Jeanne d'Arc Living. 
Funny to see, Finnish is a language that is entirely unfamiliar to me.

Jeanne d'Arc Living, Finnish Edition

Jeanne d’Arc Living Magazine

A beautiful and timeless magazine, bursting with interior decorating and styling tips: “Jeanne d'Arc Living” Magazine appears once a month and is available in stores and for subscription as well. 



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