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Thursday, 8 August 2013

The BOLAND Family | Crest carved in wood | Family CREST carved on wooden panel | Custom-made

Patrick Damiaens
Heraldic Woodcarver

Heraldic Coat of Arms carved in wood 

BOLAND Family , Netherlands

The Boland family and the village of Dinxperlo

Nothing is known for sure when it comes to the meaning and the origin of the name Boland. It isn’t one of the oldest family names of the village of Dinxperlo (on the border with Germany). It wasn’t until around the year 1600 that the name Boland first appeared in Dinxperlo. 
The origin most likely lies just across the border with Germany, in and around Bocholt (DE), where it is still a widely spread name. The various forms of spelling of the name are a consequence of the fact that most of the people back then didn’t know how to read or write. The person drafting a deed decided how to spell the name and it was therefore common to write it down the way that it was pronounced at that time. 
A number of variations I’ve encountered so far, are: Bolant(s), Booland(s), Boeland… Bohland is a very common variation in Germany. 
The name Bo-land consists of two parts, of which the second part “land" is widely used on an international level. This might be the very reason that this name is commonly found outside of the Netherlands as well. 
The international character of the name Boland is further emphasized by its use as a toponym throughout northern and western Europe and even beyond Europe.
Does the name in fact have something to do with “land” or “soil” used for a certain purpose? Isn’t it quite striking that the Old Dutch word for farmland “boulant” strongly resembles “boelant” and couldn’t “Bolant” easily be a derivative thereof?
Another possible explanation can be found in the words “vaste grond” (solid ground). The Norwegian-Swedish word “bo” means: established - be housed – reside – live in. In other words, to have a “vaste plaats” (a place of one’s own). Boland, a place of one’s own? In Africa Boland means “hoge land” (high land). In short, it’s anybody’s guess.

With thanks to M W Boland

Carving a heraldic Family crest in wood
Boland Family 

Tree transplanting man, fam Boland line 1

The heraldic design, Boland Family


Carving the heraldic coat of arms in wood


The BOLAND Family Coat of Arms Carved in wood

The Boland Family


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