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This is a place where the visitors are confronted with their search for a personal touch and where they have an opportunity to get acquainted with a skilled expert, who has turned durability and tradition into a personal passion.
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Sunday, 3 March 2013

PEARLS OF CRAFTSMANSHIP | Quality Label for Craftsmanship | The Spirit of Craftsmanship

Pearls of Craftsmanship
'Quality Label'

The spirit of Craftsmanship

Over these past years, I’ve come upon the following conclusion : a whole branch of extremely competent professionals, some of them even unique in their line, are nowadays meeting  increasing difficulty to make our society aware of the extreme urgency to preserve and valorize this healthy part of our heritage, with a particularly rich historical background, that is: craftsmanship.

The trend to the standardization and leveling of our interior decoration which is taking over the consumable market is quite lethal to the craftsmanship trades. 
For some time now,I have been in touch with professionals like me, sometimes just out of curiosity or when collaborating on a common project or while combining our talents for an order to carry on.
The real craftsmanship, our own heritage is gradually dwindling and with time has gained the   misleading reputation of being obsolete or marginal.

While trying to meet other « Artisan » colleagues and through my personal vision and also my love for my calling, I am a wood carver (I design and make wood ornaments), I eventually came across the organizers of Classica 2011.

And they are the ones who saw the interest of a “Craftsmen’s pavilion”, a place where the visitor would be offered the opportunity of meeting true craftsmen.
I was asked by the organization committee to put together a group of craftsmen belonging to the different branches (mainly interior decoration) in order to present their trades in the form of practical workshops to the public.

Classica 2011 has been a great success for our group and a wonderful experience. I must thank warmly the press for their fantastic work that we benefitted by and contributed to the “Craftsmanship” pavilion‘s success.

So during ten days, I participated to that event with about 22 other craftsmen, true and eager professionals. The same recurrent problems, the same needs the same vision kept stemming out of our conversations, which took me to the conclusion that we are all workers sharing the same preoccupations. 

It was also necessary to get together and be under the same “roof”, share an internet site, vouching for quality, free of any external influence or authority, for it sounds quite obvious that we, the professionals, are the most qualified to judge of the quality of work pertaining to each trade. 
Hence an internet site that tells of true craftsmanship, has been in progress along the past months, a site eliciting top grading work from each participating craftsman, offering a rich range of propositions both for the individual client and the corporate such as architects, or restoration firms.

« Pearls of Craftsmanship » can be a source of inspiration for many, in their quest for personalization why not, just some surprising encounter. This site has already 20 members, 17 Belgians and 3 Dutch and it will steadily grow with the addition of new members from other sectors.
Each new member will have to meet the same quality standards for our quality label to be preserved. 
They will be selected not only according to their professional line but also to their specificity in their field, in their profession (whether in Belgium, Europe or even worldwide), or their existing over several generations. 
Whether they be masters in their field,  using new or traditional techniques, they open up new ways, they are devoted, utterly professional and working full time yet participating increasingly to workshop demonstrations or to different events to introduce the public with their knowhow. 

'Pearls of Craftsmanship' promotes craftsmanship of the highest quality and consists of carefully selected members and crafts. This site brings together extremely gifted artisans with an exceptional knowledge of their trade and with historically grown traditional crafts, neatly balanced with contemporary originality. 

This is a place where the visitors are confronted with their search for a personal touch and where they have  an opportunity to get acquainted with skilled experts, who have turned durability and tradition into their passion.True pearls among the crafts that manage to stimulate and inspire through their originality and broad perspective 

'Pearls of Craftsmanship' is for those who wish to surround themselves with the highest degree of perfection and taste. It wants to offer an alternative for the unsatisfying standard solutions you have to settle for (sometimes for no apparent reason) in our modern day consumer society.   

Please visit us:www.pearlsofcraftsmanship.com

With my best regards

 Patrick Damiaens

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