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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Davidsfonds Foundation | Foundation for Culture and Heritage | Belgian Culture Foundation | The 11de Night of history

Davidsfonds Night of History 2013

Davidsfonds Foundation (Belgium)

' The 11de Night of history '
'De Nacht van de Geschiedenis'

Theme of 2013,
 'Craftsmen and Women' 

On 19 March 2013 from 18:00 to 22:00 in the historic town of Maaseik. (Belgium)

At Maaseik, we always focus on the rich heritage of the city, where every year we evoke elements of the historic environment. 
Experienced guides will tell historic stories during guided walks and visits, studded historians give lectures and enthusiastic actors regale you on a theatrical sketch.

This year we give a stage at a number of renowned artistic crafts.

Pearls of Craftsmanship 
Our guests are seven members of the association "Pearls of Craftsmanship" quality Label.
The carefully selected craftsmen in Maaseik promote the quality craftsmanship and their individually unique companies.

The participants will be introduced to highly skilled craftsmen who besides a special artisan knowledge of historical traditional applications have the ability to perform these skills and translate them to contemporary originality. The visitors meet a group of professionals who share their passion for sustainability and tradition have made​​.

The seven Participants of Pearls of Craftsmanship.

-A CE SOIR: Suits and hats (in the Hotel Van Eyck)
-Angel-Barrero: Marble decoration techniques (in the Pharmacy Museum)
-Atelier-TRATTEGGIO: Art Restoration (in the KBC Bank)
-Eddie Van Hoef: Painting Techniques (in the John Selbach Museum)
-EMYSFEER: Upholstery (in the John Selbach Museum)
-Pascal Mestrom: Chandeliers Restoration (in the Stock Exchange)
-Patrick Damiaens: Ornamental Woodcarver (at Hotel Van Eyck)

-Peter Croonenberghs: How to brew beer? Which includes the Jan Van Eyck Tripel Beer (in the Hall Van Eyck)

Sign in and departure: Maaseik hall between 18:00 and 18:30.
Price: € 12 (€ 10 for members of the organizing associations)
Information and registration befor March 17, 2013 by: maaseik@davidsfonds.net
or telephone +32 89 56 68 86.
The registrations are final after payment is received:
453-4019391-92, IBAN: BE12453401939192, BIC: KREDBEBB of Davidsfonds‑Maaseik.

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