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Monday, 20 August 2012


Patrick Damiaens
'Ornamental Woodcarver'

Visit of Schloss Rastatt in Baden-Württemberg (Germany)

Beautiful Baroque and Rococo interiors.

Rastatt  Residential Palace is the oldest Baroque residence in the Upper Rhine Valley. The palace, gardens and town were planned as a whole, to create an impression of elegant, perfectly-with the palace commanding pride of place at the centre.

Rastatt  Residential Palace

Schloss Rastatt is a historical building in Rastatt, Germany. The palace and the Garden were built between 1700 and 1707 by the Italian architect Domenico Egidio Rossi as ordered by Margrave Louis William of Baden-Baden.

A large staircase with stucco decorations give way to the Belle-etage. The biggest and most decorated hall is the Ahnensaal . It is decorated with numerous frescoes and shows paintings of ancestors and of captured Ottoman soldiers.

Rastatt  Residential Palace, Interior

Rastatt Residential Palace is the epitome of a Baroque residence designed to display the might of an absolutist monarch: the visitor must First cross an expansive grand courtyard, surrounded by an imposing three-wing complex.

Decorated with plasterwork, the two staircases at the rear of the courtyard lead to the centrepiece of the extensive main building, the Festsaal (banqueting Hall).

The Baroque complex has withstood the test of time almost unscated.Today the palace gardens are open to the public, with a modern slant on Baroque garden design.
The Military History Museum and the commemorative site for freedom movements in German history, which are both located in the palace, all make Rastatt Residential Palace well worth a visit.

Source  Rastatt Residential Palace

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