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Monday, 27 August 2012

CARVING A MUSICAL TROPHY | Trophy shield carvings for paneling | Carved hunting trophies for wall-paneling

Ornamental Woodcarver

Carved hunting and Musical trophies for wall-paneling and interior decoration

It was customary among the Greeks to hang the left behind weapons of  the defeated or fleeing enemy on the trees of the battlefield. These signs of victory or trophies have earned their place in the decoration of furniture and interiors throughout the centuries.

The Romans erected and built symbolic buildings and monuments of stone and bronze in the form of columns, pillars, arches and other architectural structures .  These were decorated and ornated.

Since then, trophies are not only used in the decoration of these war memorials and victory monuments, but are increasingly used in the elegant decoration of buildings, castles, churches, wall-paneling or as tasteful decorations for the interior.

Hunting Trophy, carved in oak , chimney-piece

Later it was therefore quite normal that hunting gear  were used in these trophies because they clearly resemble weapons of war.


By grouping the tools and instruments trophies can radiate a certain symbolism.  Like war and the hunt there are also of the Arts, such as
music, architecture, painting or astronomy, science, ...  For of all these themes it is possible to make a special trophy.

Carved hunting trophies

Singing is for example represented by the winch and this with or without partitures.  Music by flutes, horns, flute, violin ...  Dancing by a tambourine and castanets.  Acting is represented through a mask and painting by a palette and brushes.  The carving of stone and wood, by a hammer and chisels.  These themes were incorporated into each individual trophy.

A Bathroom trophy

Garden Theme Trophy

The arts, crafts  and businesses  have chosen their own symbols  of their profession or art.  By these symbols you recognize their craft or art.  Later we see companies and associations display their products or services in their own trophy.
 trophy of musical instruments

Trophy -Carving by Patrick Damiaens

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