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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Wooden carved billboard for a Company | A logo carved in wood | Costumier Maison D’Longueville | Lebeau-Courally Logo.

Wooden billboard for a company 
 To carve a logo in wood.

Advertising board in oak.

It doesn't happen often that I have the opportunity to carve a logo or a billboard for a company or a store.

I have already made small company logos in wood in the past, but the combination of several company logos with a text on one large board was a special challenge because of its dimensions. The whole board was made from one single panel.

The manager of the Costumier Maison D’Longueville and VIP Boutique and his architect had specific wishes for this sign that had to be placed outside.

Because it will be exposed to all weather conditions and should also have the classic characteristics of the building, high quality oak wood was chosen for this execution.

Carving a logo in wood | Mont Blanc luxury pens.

The design for the 1-meter high board with a width of 80 cm was sent to me by the client (*). The wood technical aspect required for the execution were -of course- determined by myself.

The large frame that forms the edge of the board was completely carved out of the thick solid oak panel and not mounted on it. This prevents the use of glue and nails on the frame, that will form openings after a while, a natural property of wood, resulting in seams and damages due to weather conditions.

The oak board on the façade serves as a kind of direction indicator. On one hand, it shows the way to the entrance of the Customier Maison D’Longueville and on the other hand, it indicates the direction to the VIP Boutique on the first floor of the building. This exclusive building, run by Kristof d’Hondt and his team, combines the Customier clothing store on the ground floor with a range of customized products from Mont Blanc and Lebeau-Courally brands, housed in the upper level. Appropriately, in addition to the emblem and the name of the Maison D’Longueville, the logos of these two brands were also sculpted in the oak.

(*) Designs and models for the assignments can be designed by me, with or without consultation with the client or fully implemented. And this according to the model of the latter. For any (wood) technical and/or aesthetic obstacles that may occur during the implementation and / or improvements to the design, there are always some consults with the customer.

Translation: Lis Alvarado van den Enden

Making-carving a logo in wood / Lebeau Courally

Advertising panel carved in wood | Carving a logo in wood

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