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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Family heraldic crests and blazons in wood | Coat of arms carved in wood | Your own carved family coat of arms

Heraldic Family crests in wood | Heraldic Sculptor

Wood carved crests and blazons
Your own carved family coat of arms  


Welcome to my blog, my name is Patrick Damiaens and I am a full-time ornamental wood carver – but I am too a Heraldic woodcarver or Sculptor.

My activities focus on a single purpose, “ornamentation and decoration in wood”, and this in a wide range of applications; and I perform these tasks for an international clientele. I also offer short and long-term training programs / wood carving courses, if you have any questions about my work or training, we are always happy to help you.

Patrick Damiaens’ woodcarving workshop is located in the historic town of Maaseik (B) close to the Dutch border and just steps away from Germany. The workshop was stablished in 1990 and since then, the studio has acquired a good reputation in the design, manufacture, copying and restoration, with the different uses of carvings and ornaments in wood.

The work in the studio is divided into different categories.

There is the manufacturing of unique style furniture, specializing in furniture from the 18th century Liège style; another specialty is performing heraldic coats of arms, crests in wood.

Patrick Damiaens heraldic woodcarver.

Heraldic Family coat of arms carved in wood are one of my specialties. It is always a personal challenge to be able to carve a family crest in wood. Heraldry is a very interesting topic and I'm always happy to begin a new assignment for a heraldic crest or blazon . You get to know interesting people that attract your attention with "their" fascinating family story or history. And for me, personally, it is always nice to hear that they appreciate my professionalism and the quality of my work.

Each heraldic coat of arms is different. Usually it starts with an example as a source of inspiration that, in the form of a drawing, old sketch, or even by a seal ring is provided by the customer. Our clients are common individuals or from the nobility; but sometimes it happens that it is the assignment from an agency, association or company or even the government.
A wood carved Municipal arms or city arms
; a memorial panel for an association or a wooden logo for a company is possible too. Sometimes we need to solve small and/or big problems in conjunction with the customer, in order to achieve a particular result. 

To respect the wishes of our national and international clientele, we cannot show you all the coats of arms that have been manufactured in our heraldic carving workshop.

Translation: Lis Alvarado
These are some examples

The Meinhold” heraldic Coat of Arms in wood (France)
Wood carved coat of arms, family Leppens (Belgium)

Coat of arms, emblems, municipal and city coat of arms carved in wood.

Miniature family coat of arms carved in wood (Netherlands)
Gravestein” coat of arms on wood panel (Netherlands)
Family heraldic crests and blazons in wood (detail)
Crest carved in wood | American eagle carved in wood
The Cardone family coat of arms (US)
The Cornielje family crest carved in wood (Switzerland)
The ADAMS family coat of arms (Germany)

The Bonelli di Salci family Crest carved in wood (Italy)
Concordia Archery association, in Peer (Belgium)
Your own carved family coat of arms

Custom-made  Family Coat of arms, Heraldry and Crests .  
Coat of Arms carved in wood for Royalty and Nobility , particular family  , emblems for clubs, city ,company or organisations...
They are unique carved  and if required painted individual .

You can customize the size, the relief, type of wood ,look and decide in the realization of your family Coat of Arms.
Working from the designs and sketches provided by the client. If necessary , we design a coat of arms for you.
Each carved Coat of Arms or Crest that Patrick Damiaens produces is signed, dated,  and the final result has the highest quality standards. Each coat of arms is carved from the finest, oak ,Limewood, or beech.


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