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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Egg-and-dart molding carved in wood | Custom Carved Mouldings | Architectural carving | Egg-and-tongue moulding hand carved

Egg-and-tongue moulding carved in wood

Egg-and-dart molding 
Egg-and-tongue moulding
carved in wood
Egg-and-tongue or Egg-and-dart moulding is an extremely popular and decorative ornamental device, which dates back to ancient Greek architecture and was later incorporated in Roman architecture as well. Egg-and-tongue moulding is often combined with other types of moulding, such as tooth-shaped moulding and bead moulding. The moulding has a quarter round shape and is called ‘Ovolo’.

This creates friezes with different variations, which, when seen in floodlight, deliver quite a spectacular view. Egg-and-tongue moulding is an intricate and almost indispensable part of Ionic capitals.
All later styles that emulated the classical period, again glorified the egg-and-tongue moulding.
The reason why egg-and-tongue moulding has never completely vanished from the scene is thanks to the fact that it combines quite well with other adornments.
The motif of the egg-and-tongue moulding consists of an egg-shaped element which is embedded into a frame and is repeated, in order to form a string of “eggs” with a simple leaf-shaped element in between each egg. 
In later style periods, the leaf-shape slowly evolved into an arrowhead or anchor between the “eggs”. Some historians are under the assumption that the egg-and-tongue moulding represents the duality of life, wherein the egg is the symbol for life and the arrow is the symbol for death. Regardless of whether or not this is true, it remains an incredibly beautiful motif.
Egg-and-tongue moulding can be carved in wood or in stone, but can also be modelled in plaster.


Carving egg-and-tongue - Egg-and-dart
 moulding in wood
__________________ by Patrick Damiaens
Custom Carved Mouldings

This exceptionally small egg-and-tongue moulding was carved for an English interior architecture and design agency. The moulding’s dimensions are as small as 1x1 cm, which shows the subtle and delicate nature of the carving. I already had the pleasure of carving several examples for this design agency and this version particularly appealed to them. A number of straight and curved egg-and-tongue mouldings were carved in beech wood. 
These will serve as ‘model’ for a number of silicone moulds. With the help of these moulds, approximately 100 meters of this subtle egg-and-tongue moulding will be cast in resin and will be guilded afterwards.
These mouldings will then be incorporated into the mahogany interior (doors and paneling) of a superyacht (Monaco).

Miniature, Egg-and-dart molding carved in wood

Egg-and-tongue moulding hand carved

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