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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

German magazine RESTAURO | Magazine covering Restoration Techniques | On the cover of “Restauro Preisliste”

On the cover of “Restauro Preisliste”
Price list for advertisement

A German magazine covering restoration techniques.

For more than 115 years, the German magazine “Restauro” has been discussing and publishing the subject of restoration, preservation and maintenance of national and international heritage.
In the April 2013 edition, they published an extensive article about the restoration of a wooden chandelier from the Castle Lembeck in Westfalen, Germany. It was an assignment that we really enjoyed carrying out.
In this editorial piece, many pictures were shown concerning the various techniques used and difficulties encountered in carving the ornaments.

One of these pictures was used to grace the cover of the magazine “Preisliste 2014”.
The Restauro “Preisliste” or price list for advertisement is usually issued in autumn. It’s an additional little booklet of about 16 pages that is sent to subscribers and companies who are in the restoration business. 
I find it quite exceptional that I was considered for this year’s edition. 

Restoration Wooden Chandelier


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