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Sunday, 28 July 2013

High-relief carvings in limewood | 17th Century Style woodcarving | Grinling Gibbons-style foliage carving

Patrick Damiaens,Ornamental Woodcarver
High-relief carvings in limewood

High Relief carving creates a more dramatic depth. Today’s carving trend toward more realistic and detailed work often is created with High Relief.
These high relief carvings below are made in limewood. Undercutting and edges are extremely important in defining their forms.
It's always nice and creative to work with limewood, this wood has a wonderful combination of strength and softness.


Foliage carving in limewood
17th Century Style Carving

The application of carvings in a contemporary interior. Woodcarving is still hip.

High-relief carvings in limewood


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