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Friday, 31 May 2013

Restoration of a carved panelling | Restoration Antique Wall Panelling | ROCOCO Style Panelling

Patrick Damiaens
Ornamental Woodcarver

Restoration of a Carved and Gilded Panelling

A Carved and Gilded Panelling

This picture-gallery - panelling - in-wall cabinets, originates from an old manor house in the vicinity of Tours, France. The paintings located above the cabinet doors represent various rustic scenes from the 18the century.

The chamber was crafted in oak and sculptured in the style of Louis XV. In this composition extraordinary ornamental decorations can be found, such as a centrally placed music trophy surrounded with gilded rocaille motives (decorations shaped in the form of a shell).

Unfortunately, throughout the years parts of the ‘dessus de porte’ which were hanging above the entrance of the room went missing. Leaving some decorations incomplete with only the upper pieces remaining intact. Therefore we lack information on how the original panels looked like, making this project very difficult.

Important for the reconstruction/restoration of these ‘dessus de porte’ panels, was to give the new parts the same character as the authentic wainscoting

The restoration of this panelling was an assignment of “Architectural Antiques Theo Evers” from Hoensbroek, the Netherlands. It is intended to rebuilt this chamber in a residence in Moscow. 

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