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Sunday, 23 December 2012

CARVING A ORNAMENT IN WOOD | Carved Beading | Carved Bead Moulding | Hand Carved Architectural Mouldings

Carved Bead Moulding
Patrick Damiaens
Ornamental Woodcarver

Hand Carved Architectural Mouldings

Carved bead Moulding

Wooden bead moulding
The various stages

Contrary to my other blog items, the following is a “mini-item” about the carving of bead moulding. Maybe you will find this useful.

For some of us, the social media, such as Facebook and Twitter have become somewhat of a daily occupation. Everything is being shared with our fellow man these days. 

But most of the information shared on social media today is of insignificant value and hardly worth mentioning. Maybe this blog item about the carving of bead moulding is no different. 

It isn’t always necessary to share every possible piece of information with everyone, but seeing as I had already taken a few pictures of the different stages, I figured I might as well give some educational purpose to this item.  Now it’s up to you to judge whether or not this is justified.

The Interior of the Basilica of Our Lady in Maastricht
Made for the Basilica of our Lady at Maastricht , Netherlands

Over the past few months, the statue, a 14th century German Pietà, which was placed on the console inside the niche, was restored. The plinth of the Pietà was placed on a rectangular top, which is basically a sound option. 
However, the rectangular top was sticking out on both ends of the top of the console, which visibly spoiled the presentation of the Pietà.

To do more justice to the Pietà we were commissioned by the Basilica of Our Lady (Maastricht) to install a cone-shaped pedestal. This raises the Pietà by app. 15 cm, giving it a lot more charisma.

The pedestal is adorned with bead moulding. 

I’ve posted the following pictures of the different stages in the carving process of the bead moulding:

 The transition from pedestal to console looks very natural and is hardly even noticeable.

Carved bead Moulding

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