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Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Patrick Damiaens
Ornamental Woodcarver

The Visit of
The European Fine Art Fair in Maastricht

Visiting Museums and Castles is Probably the main source of inspiration for the Ornamental Woodcarver.
These are places where the craftsman gets his ideas, he is looking for new challenges and always new unexpected surprises, and even after 25 years still feels something new to learn.

Exploring and studying ,looking at problems and how your colleagues 300 years ago solved them, their knowledge of  tasteful proportions used in the interior decoration and their knowledge of carving techniques.

In the 25 years that I am carving ornaments, you know by now where , and in which museum or castle, what kind of ornament, decoration style, character, quality is available . Or in which castle there is possible change to take pictures or .... when it is required too take notes or drawings .

On an antique fair you just ask the exhibitor, he will usually allow you to take pictures, because he doesn’t know you and maybe, just maybe  you are a potential customer for him.

The European Fine Art Fair , The TEFAF

In this blog item we visit the TEFAF in Maastricht, over the years TEFAF has come to be recognized as the world's leading art and antiques fair. I should feeling really lucky that I only live 20 minutes from Maastricht and The TEFAF .

MALLETT From London
In 2012 TEFAF celebrated its 25th anniversary. Over the years TEFAF has come to be recognized as the world's leading art and antiques fair. As a visitor to TEFAF you will experience an event that offers an unsurpassed choice of the very best in fine art.

The Fair gives you a unique chance to view and to buy paintings from gold grounds to Anish Kapoor as well as objects reflecting 7,000 years of excellence in the decorative arts. A distinctive feature of TEFAF is its elegantly displayed genuine masterpieces offered by more than 260 of the world's most prestigious art and antiques dealers from 18 countries.

TEFAF has led the way in establishing proper vetting procedures, and they are still considered the most exacting. Twenty-nine vetting committees, made up of over 170 international experts in every field of art represented at the Fair, verify each and every object for quality, authenticity and condition, so visitors can always buy with confidence.

For directors and curators of major museums, as well as private collectors from around the world, a visit to TEFAF offers an opportunity to acquire some of the finest works still in private hands


It is for the ornamental Woodcarver of great importance to have a lot of documentation, drawings and pictures , this source of inspiration can be consulted later by a possible restoration or reconstruction of ornaments.

In the creation and drawing of new ornaments and compositions  a comprehensive library of books and pictures is really necessary, this information gives the ornamental Woodcarver a greater freedom in drawing and design
A lot of  information (pictures) also contributes to the ornamental carver  a better understanding  of  the forms and characters that can be consult. And this together with a large amount of plaster casts and wooden examples you're already well on your way.
Here are some beautiful really beautiful ornaments, mirrors, frames , panelling that I have photographed the latest editions of the TEFAF .
Maybe also for you a source of inspiration.

 Patrick Damiaens is member of
Pearls of Craftsmanship 

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