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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Wooden mantelpiece with ornaments | Carved mantelpiece | Mantelpiece with fine wood carvings

Patrick Damiaens 

- Ornamental woodcarver -


The design and crafting according to traditional methods of all woodcarvings and ornaments for mantelpieces and trumeaus, traditional and classical models or personal designs.
Seeing as every carved mantelpiece is unique and customized and every decorative implementation of ornaments and woodcarvings varies, each house or room is given an exclusive  look.

Exclusive, unique and attractive period pieces with woodcarvings. One of the many possibilities is to provide the decorative marble or wooden mantelpiece with a trumeau or wooden top-piece. These top-pieces give the room an enhanced personalized look. Top-pieces can be crafted in any desired style of any era. ( French, Liège, English or any Neo-style…)

Handcrafted ornaments and decorations for mantelpieces made by the workshop of Patrick Damiaens revive a sense of nostalgia with a modest approach, avoiding exaggeration in the execution.

Custom Carved Mantelpiece

Should you have any special demands or desire a customized design, than the workshop of Patrick Damiaens is at the disposal of people who wish to surround themselves with the highest degree of perfection and taste. We offer the best alternative for the occasionally unsatisfying standard solutions for which, in our modern day consumer society, you have to settle for.

The Workshop of Patrick Damiaens stands for

 -ornaments and woodcarvings for wooden mantelpieces, trumeaus
 -100% custom-made in collaboration with the customer
 -Timeless, attractive and unique designs
 -Natural, quality designs and materials
 -Unique, customized craftsmanship

More information on ornaments for fireplaces:Patrick Damiaens

Patrick Damiaens is Member of Pearls of Craftsmanship

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