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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Custom-made restoration of Woodcarvings | Restoration of the PULPIT of St-Ann in Bruges | DOVE IN SOUNDBOARD PULPIT

A new pigeon (Holy Spirit) for the soundboard of the pulpit St-Ann in Bruges.

Patrick Damiaens
Ornamental Wood Carver

The St. Anne's Church has an eventful history. The St. Anna parish  was originally part of St Cross Parish within the city walls of 1297 , she was safe and was independent in 1668. The first church was demolished  during the Calvinist regime in 1581.

Between 1607 and 1621, a new Gothic church was built with the old materials in the shape of a church hall.

Of these
, only the slender tower is in the original form, because  the church underwent a Baroque metamorphosis. In 1657 the wooden arch it was replaced by a  brick vout and their own baroque form. At that time the church received an extraordinary baroque decoration.
Does who enter the church with the feeling of  ‘Entering a simple village church’ , will be amazed at the baroque wealth of the interior, making the St. Anne's Church of Bruges the title of 'livingroom church' .

From the wealth we propose a few oddities for, and let the other on your interests during your visit. Even the central copper chandelier is still the original.
Central to the carved panelling at the right side , the baroque pulpit (1670) sculpted by Maarten Moenaert.

Before the Council of Trent had the homily of the priest at a place ambo or a lectern at the altar or at the door of the choir. Because the Catholic Reformation emphasized the Faith, a pulpit was placed between the people, which for the sermon the preacher addressed.

The pulpit consists  a staircase, a support block, a tub and a sounding board. A baroque pulpit was in very different ways with beliefs symbols decorated. Parsons made ​​frequent use of such imagery, so that the faithful not only enjoyed the word but also of the eye.

The support block of the pulpit is formed by three intertwined angels,putti , a masterpiece of  Flemish Baroque woodcarving.


This is the new pigeon (holy spirit) for the soundboard of the pulpit. anno 2012

will  also be gilded.

Symbolism: The dove in the soundboard, which is unusually wide extending  above the pulpit, is the symbol H. Spirit, the dove under the soundboard, which is surround sends powerful rays of the divine mercy .

More information : PATRICK DAMIAENS

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